A boutique global consulting firm exclusively for cutting-edge periodontists.
Carve a divide 
between you & your competition.
Diagnose and Excise the Cancer 
in your Practice.

External Forces Are Causing The Periodontal Speciality To Undergo An Unscheduled Transformation.


As much as we would like to recapture how it once was, that ship has sailed. If the goal is to keep periodontal specialists relevant in the dental landscape of tomorrow, we must apply a different focus to remain important in the eyes of our patients and collaborative partners.

Drawing from over 10 years experience in 20 countries, we’ve refined the tools and expertise to close the wound and stop the hemorrhage periodontists are experiencing in their practices.

Cloak & Scalpel Consulting Services can position your periodontal practice to effectively respond to the drastic market changes and amplify your competitive advantage.

Become an Industry Disruptor. Build a Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Claim Value by Innovating Success.