Meet Dr. Amanda Longo

Amanda Longo, is a multi-faceted research specialist with an innovative approach to orchestrating winning performance.

Dr. Amanda B. Longo

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
President and COO, Cloak & Scalpel

Amanda’s key strength is in strategic innovation. As a devout believer in the process of experimental design, she has the ability to see and to solve problems that others have not even asked themselves yet.

With expertise in ethically sound decision making, Amanda is able to see an idea from its seedling beginnings through to the translation of its significance from a business and clinical point of view.

Amanda’s experience in research design and development provide her with the tools and expertise to analyze the financial, clinical and qualitative metrics associated with your clinic and statistically benchmark them against the global elite.

Her strength in developing innovative solutions paired with her dissertation research in CT analysis and the quantification and characterization of bone microarchitecture makes her a creative force in the world of advanced periodontology.

Amanda’s drive to continually acquire knowledge and skill along with her motivation to translate that knowledge leads to the orchestration of a winning performance by all members of the teams that she works with, including yours.