Our Advisors

Cloak & Scalpel’s world class advisors fuse the top insights from the global elite with leading edge corporate business knowledge. We’ve built a diverse team to offer a unique blend of talent, expertise and experience.


Dr. Peter C. Fritz

Periodontal Strategist

An advocate of change and innovation, Dr. Fritz sets a clear and ambitious path to success based on scientific rigour, business management and a clinical approach.  Peter ignites team spirit to boost productivity, harmony and collaboration.


Dr. Amanda Longo

Innovation Specialist

Amanda’s extensive experience in research design provide her with the tools and expertise to analyze the financial, clinical and qualitative metrics associated with your clinic and statistically benchmark them against the global elite.


Andy Molnar

Industry Specialist

Cultivating trust and long lasting partnerships is at the core of Andy’s success as an industry tycoon. Andy has a proven track record of adaptation and decisive transformation which are at the core of his past and present successes.


Sean Kashanchi

Employee Engagement Specialist

Sean has extensive hands-on leadership experience and the capability of organizing and motivating groups, developing strategic goals and leading teams to success.