Our Deliverables

This provocative and enlightening one-day program offers a confidential and candid program for like-minded elite specialists. Guide your team towards higher levels of excellence and improved economic growth.

To achieve competitive success and longevity as a specialist in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, our most clear focus must be on strengthening and cultivating relationships and constantly gathering and challenging information.

Using this premise, we review and discuss key concepts of strategy and leadership with the goal of enabling you to better guide your team towards higher levels of engagement and excellence, ultimately resulting in improved earnings growth.

Our full-day, interactive course will focus on proven business strategies that will give you the tools to execute your personalized vision for the future and put you in the company of the global elite.

The Program Delivers:
  • An interactive introduction to owning and managing a private enterprise.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the basics of any business and how to manage your:
    Inventory – referral relationships, patient recruitment and attrition
    Throughput – efficient day-to-day logistics, employee engagement and development, strategic scheduling, etc.
    Finished Product – minimized complication rate, improved patient experience, word-of-mouth advertising
  • A plan to to attract and retain only those employees contributing to a High-Performance Culture
  • Pricing of Services and Financial Policies
  • Leveraging Supplier Power
  • Brand Management
  • Strategic Operations
  • Interactive Patient Journey Mapping
  • Incentives and Compensation Strategies