Trusted Testimonials

Here are just a few Trusted Testimonials from world-class periodontists who have consulted with the Cloak & Scalpel advisory team.

  • Simply Transformational!

    "Peter and his Team have spent time with ours to assess and audit our good and bad processes which has re-shaped our vision and our strategic plan for future growth and success. But even more, Peter has become my trusted confidant and personal inspiration.  He has taken me and my practice to a place I could have never been without him!  I cannot put into words my highest recommendation to Peter’s vision and his teachings!”

    Todd Scheyer, DDS, MS Houston, TX
  • I have been inspired!

    “I have been inspired by Peter and his Team since 2011.  After benchmarking systems and processes with Peter, my practice has grown significantly and my level of stress in the office has decreased even more.  I have visited Peter’s clinic personally and observed his unique style.  The level of care and service he and his Team provide for patients is truly world class and inspirational. The efficiency at which his clinic operates is likely unprecedented due to some revolutionary systems.  Peter is constantly innovating ways to improve the patient experience and to push you with honest feedback about how to be a better clinician and nurture a supportive team.  I am excited to see what he develops next and how it will help me improve the care for my patients.”

    Malene Hallund, DDS, OMFS Copenhagen, Denmark
  • I was able to take what works in his office and adapt it to my practice

    “I was fortunate to have Peter come to my practice and observe my day to day operations, I was also able to visit his office for a day as well.  The exchange of ideas and suggestions has been invaluable to me bringing my practice to a new level of enjoyment, patient care and profitability.  Peter’s systems are the best and I was able to take what works in his office and adapt it to my practice.  This streamlined my operations, enabling my staff to provide efficient and effective treatments in the most caring and least stressful manner to my patients.  I particularly liked his tick forms which we have just converted to our new paperless workflow.”

    Scott Yamaoka, DDS, MS Vancouver, BC