Why Work with Cloak & Scalpel

Our team understands the challenges inherent in running a successful periodontal practice. Our specialized knowledge and experience doing the same things that you do every day will provide you with the competitive edge you need in this market of growing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

How We Reinvent Your Practice

To meet the future, we can’t rely on what has worked in the past.  Today is a very different market and therefore, we offer a very different solution.


The series of interactive programs available through Cloak & Scalpel have been developed and are hosted by only those with ongoing direct and relevant experience in running a successful and dynamic private periodontal practice.  Peter Fritz, the owner and founder of Cloak & Scalpel works 185 days per year in his own private practice in Fonthill, Ontario where he and his team continue to shatter production goals through their continuous cycle of learning and adapting to the current climate of change in dentistry.


Our team is comprised of experienced, innovative experts in employee engagement, business strategy, periodontics, cybersecurity, and more. Together,  we build a comprehensive strategy that takes into account all aspects of your periodontal practice including:

  • Employee Engagement and Culture
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supplier Power
  • Brand Management
  • Strategic Operations
  • Fee Structuring and so much more

With your strategic plan and metrics firmly in mind, we’ll guide you in better leveraging the unique and valuable qualities of your practice, and in making the changes necessary to take your practice to the next level in earnings growth.